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Course Overview

Overview of Vectors 

Vectors have both magnitude and direction. They help to model physical quantities like velocity, force, torque, moment, etc. Many real-life situations related to relative velocity, navigation, science and engineering, kinematics,  etc., will be discussed. Reference video include complete concept with 100s of examples. Questions from the past test papers are discussed extensively.

Students taking IB HL, GCSE, Edexcel, MCV4U or AP Maths will find this course useful.

Ontario curriculum for MVC4U will be followed.

Vectors: Major Topics

  • Geometric and Algebraic Representation of Vectors
  • Vector Operations in Two- and Three-Dimensional space
  • Model Real Life Situations in Relative Velocity
  • Application of Force, and Tension
  • Internal and External Division of Segments
  • Equation of Lines and Planes
  • Intersection of Lines and Planes
  • How to Solve Edexcel Exam Questions

Group Class

Group class will have only 3 – 4 students and will be scheduled as advertised. Each class will be of two hours in which concept will be explained followed by practice questions. Additional videos will be provided to consolidate learnings. Past test papers will also be discussed to connect learnings with expectations for good performance. Recording of each class will be uploaded on the next day for the students to review and write comments.

Reference Book: Calculus and Vectors, Nelson

Duration of Course: 24 hours

Each class will be of 2 hours.

  • Normal Schedule: 1 class per week (3 months or 12 weeks)
  • Fast Track: 2 classes per week (1.5 months or 6 weeks)

Payment plan is available to pay in 3 installments.


  • Monthly cost per student is given for group sessions. There will be 4 classes of 2 hours each per month. Students have to pay in advance to confirm their participation in the group classes.
  • Group classes are sometimes offered. You may check the website for Popular Group Math Programs.
  • Fast Track program is available on request. We can prepare the students for an exam in limited time. You may fill the Registration Form and discuss the possibilities.
  • Payment Plan: Make three regular payments for the course in advance


  • Video Lessons by Anil Kumar
  • Good Examples to Connect Learnings
  • Past Test Solved Papers
  • Examination Style Practice Test


Policy for Refund of Registration Fees.

Students can drop in the first 30 minutes of the class and take the full refund. The class will then start after a break of 5 minutes for the next 30 minutes. No refund for the course will be given if the student continues to attend the first class beyond half-time.

How do we teach and is it worth taking the course?

You are the best person to answer this question. Internet is full of knowledge and there are many options open for you. Explore and then decide. We have provided links for few videos related to this course. They may help you to take a decision in our favour.

How do you compensate for the student who has missed a group class?

It is responsibility of the students to attend all the scheduled classes. A group class will not be repeated. Recording of the class will be available for them to understand and practice.

What is the provision for the additional classes for the students who need extra help?

Students can take addition classes at $50/hour if the instructor has available time.

Check the list of Sample Reference Videos to get an idea about our classes

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