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Course Overview

Spatial Sense in Mathematics 

Spatial sense a very important feature that helps students to visualize and connect. Advised by the experts, the new Ontario Curriculum* now combines areas of geometry, measurement and spatial sense. It is believed that strong spatial sense is often an indicator of success in understanding other math concepts. We have integrated this idea in our approach, Engaging Minds Creatively, for building social-emotional learning skills while teaching math concepts. This supports students’ natural curiosity, overcoming anxiety, to build confidence and develop critical thinking skills.

Standard math curriculum with the flavour of informal learnings makes our program effective and user friendly. We encourage our students to apply the math skills in normal life and share them as a project or class activity. You can also do this at home. Here are few activities for you:

  • Play board games and share strategies
  • Discuss things affecting our daily life
  • Apply learning for a beautiful world


Policy for Refund of Registration Fees.

Students can drop in the first 30 minutes of the class and take the full refund. The class will then start after a break of 5 minutes for the next 30 minutes. No refund for the course will be given if the student continue to attend the first class beyond half-time.

How do we teach and is it worth taking the course?

You are the best person to answer this question. Internet is full of knowledge and there are many options open for you. Explore and then decide. We have provided links for few videos related to this course. They may help you to take a decision in our favour.

Check the list of Sample Reference Videos to get an idea about our classes

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Mr. Anil Kumar

Mr. Anil Kumar

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  • Course level Beginner
  • Course Duration 10 weeks
  • Lessions 34
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  • Pass Percentage 80
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