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Course Overview

Challenging and exciting enrichment program for curious high- achieving students.

Time is precious. Each question can be an opportunity to learn and build strong foundation for future. Feel free to write to Anil Kumar at to be a part of your success.
Topics: Logical Approach, Creative Thinking, Sequences and Series, Permutation and Combination, Factorial and Sigma Notation.

By the end of the related course students will
Identify, describe, extend, create, and make predictions about patterns, including those found in real-life context.
demonstrate understanding of working with very large set of numbers
explore new strategies required for high school mathematics
stay ahead of competition learning counting techniques and operation with factorial and sigma notation


Mr. Anil Kumar

Mr. Anil Kumar

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  • Course level Beginner
  • Course Duration 10 weeks
  • Lessions 1
  • Quizzes 1
  • Pass Percentage 80
  • Certificate No
  • Language English

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